Definition of run wild in US English:

run wild


  • Grow or develop without restraint or discipline.

    ‘these horses have been running wild since they were born’
    figurative ‘her imagination had run wild’
    • ‘I mean, that's just someone's imagination running wild.’
    • ‘This, of course, is the way rumors begin - with whispering and secrets and imaginations running wild.’
    • ‘Presumably he's hoping to let the island monkeys run wild, grow a fanbase around him and then start charging them for his signature too.’
    • ‘But urban front gardens are undoubtedly small, so letting the imagination run wild is best saved for the tranquillity and calm of the back garden.’
    • ‘It's a question of striking the right balance: too little discipline and teenagers might run wild; too much and they might rebel.’
    • ‘Strange and romantic experiences are in the offing, and you may even gain through a love affair, so let your imagination run wild.’
    • ‘It opens with a young boy in his room, imagination running wild, like any kid's does, thinking there is something in the shadows waiting to get him.’
    • ‘Let your imagination run wild and your taste buds take over.’
    • ‘Before your emotions run wild with your imagination, remember that you can't believe everything you hear.’
    • ‘Without facts, there is nothing to stop imaginations running wild.’
    grow unchecked, grow profusely, run riot, spread like wildfire, ramble, straggle
    run free, run amok, run riot, get out of control, cut loose, be undisciplined, go on the rampage
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