Definition of run up against in US English:

run up against

phrasal verb

  • Experience or meet (a difficulty or problem)

    ‘the proposal has been dropped because it could run up against Federal regulations’
    • ‘Finding her, he tries to integrate her into society proper, but runs up against two major problems.’
    • ‘The government is proposing 200 city academies, including 60 in London, although several such schemes have recently run up against local parental opposition.’
    • ‘This procedure runs up against two difficulties.’
    • ‘By 1999, they were all running up against frustrating limits in their particular fields.’
    • ‘But critics ran up against two essential obstacles.’
    • ‘However, at club football his slight frame is a disadvantage when he runs up against powerful strikers like Emile Heskey, Van Nistelrooy, Shearer and co.’
    • ‘However, the product is simpler and has a decent digital manual to guide you through most of the issues you're likely to run up against.’
    • ‘Under the continuing threat of terrorism, journalists around what we like to call the free world are running up against increasingly debilitating legal barriers.’
    • ‘Any difficult/challenging lifestyle is going to run up against… difficulties and challenges.’
    • ‘Here we are trying to do a service to the community, trying to advertise what we're doing and we're running up against problems like this.’
    experience, encounter, meet with, be faced with, run up against, be confronted with, come face to face with
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