Definition of run rings around someone in US English:

run rings around someone


  • Outclass or outwit someone very easily.

    • ‘It was wet, it was a freezing afternoon and Kildare collapsed to a Mayo team that ran rings around us in Newbridge.’
    • ‘With so much experience down the years, I can usually run rings around them.’
    • ‘We have got to do more because the criminals are running rings around us.’
    • ‘He had a reputation as an intellectual lightweight, and a wife who could apparently run rings around him, Barbara, who ran a small but commercially very successful art gallery a short walk from their Hampstead home.’
    • ‘Huntley replied: ‘I wouldn't say I was running rings round them.’’
    • ‘She looked like she was running rings round him in there.’
    • ‘It's also why big corporations, with their bureaucratic structures, often find small businesses running rings around them.’
    • ‘While he is playing the game of coalition politics, Labour are running rings around him.’
    • ‘They have been naïve and allowed our European partners to run rings around us.’
    • ‘The result, says MacDonald, was that the prisoners ran rings round them.’
    surpass, outshine, outclass, overshadow, eclipse, exceed, excel, transcend, cap, top, outstrip, outdo, put to shame, make look pale by comparison, put in the shade, be better than, beat, outplay, outperform, upstage, dwarf
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