Definition of run off with in US English:

run off with

phrasal verb

  • Steal.

    ‘the treasurer had run off with the pension funds’
    • ‘Eventually Derek is ordained a Mormon bishop, but he runs off with church funds.’
    • ‘A man held up the Ulster Bank on Charlotte Street at around 1.40 pm on New Year's Day before running off with a sum of cash.’
    • ‘New Harmony collapsed when one of Owen's American business partners ran off with all profits.’
    • ‘Someone ran off with all the money last week - the money that I kept in my own room.’
    • ‘We have a couple of pranksters and maybe once in a while someone runs off with a plant pot but it's hardly the wild streets of the inner cities!’
    • ‘I looked round to see him running off with my bag which I keep on my trolley.’
    • ‘Saengdao Bell holds up a picture of John Bell, her husband, whom she said ran off with 2 million baht of her money.’
    • ‘Marlon McIntosh was caught after jumping over the counter at Coral Bookmakers in Marlowe Avenue, Walcot, and running off with a large amount of cash stuffed under his jacket.’
    • ‘Recently robbers struck at Oduduwa in Calcutta Road, Tilbury, where they threatened the terrified assistant with a silver firearm before running off with cash.’
    • ‘But then it happens: a thief runs off with their bicycle.’