Definition of run interference in US English:

run interference


American Football
  • 1Move in such a way as to cause interference.

    See interference (sense 1)
    • ‘Stubblefield is doing a lot of the dirty work, taking on blockers and running interference so his teammates can quickly close on the running backs.’
    • ‘But it makes perfect sense if you think of them as blockers, running interference for Wilson.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Intervene on someone's behalf, typically so as to protect them from distraction or annoyance.
      ‘Elizabeth was quick to run interference and said that the Professor would be very busy’
      • ‘So he continues to lie shamelessly, secure in the knowledge that the mainstream media are running interference for him.’
      • ‘This is just one more example of how the mainstream media run interference for Democratic candidates.’
      • ‘In sharp contrast to the technology bust when law firms wanted to trim their ranks, many of today's firms are running interference in attempts to keep their associates from straying.’
      • ‘In times like these, Ted usually runs interference.’
      • ‘They want me to go with them, probably more to run interference than anything else.’
      • ‘Why are they running interference for and defending the group?’
      • ‘For a cut like that, an artist should expect the dealer to do the work of a transaction (market, cultivate, run interference, negotiate, collect, document, promote).’
      • ‘Perhaps his worst infraction is this: He gets in the way, running interference to make sure that no other parasite-like creatures can be created on his watch.’
      • ‘When he got into trouble, he assumed his older siblings would run interference, which they did.’
      • ‘They are really running interference for this president and it's understandable.’