Definition of run in in US English:

run in

phrasal verb

  • (of a quality, trait, or condition) be common or inherent in members of (a particular family), especially over several generations.

    ‘weight problems run in my family’
    • ‘Endometriosis can occur in any woman of childbearing age, and can run in families.’
    • ‘Genetic factors are thought to have a role to play, meaning the disorder can run in families.’
    • ‘Fox's success should come as no surprise as rugby league runs in the family.’
    • ‘Born and brought up in the Welsh town Port Talbot, music doesn't run in his family.’
    • ‘The trade ran in the family - his father and uncles also spent years mining in Fife.’
    • ‘He'd always been good at maths - that ran in the family - and English.’
    • ‘Madeleine's mum Rowena says her daughter's love of books runs in the family.’
    • ‘Since coeliac disease runs in families, relatives can have a blood test to check for antibodies.’
    • ‘Artistic ability runs in the family - in 1974 Sarah won the same competition.’
    • ‘Epilepsy sometimes runs in families, and can be the result of a brain injury at birth or a brain tumour.’
    • ‘She suspected she might have twins because they run in both her and Stephen's families.’
    • ‘She keeps on telling me to get my thyroid checked, as these things run in families.’
    • ‘Bulimia runs in my family, my sister had it and hid it for years.’
    • ‘In a lot of cases, there is no obvious cause for bed-wetting but it often runs in the family.’
    • ‘My mum was a Cub leader and my dad was a group Scout master, so I suppose you could say it runs in the family.’
    • ‘If athletic prowess runs in the Stewart family, however, so does dedication.’
    • ‘This is especially true when people are not aware that Huntington's disease runs in their family.’
    • ‘This means they are more likely to develop an allergy because it runs in their family.’
    • ‘Some evidence suggests there may be a genetic factor, as cleft lip and palate can run in families.’
    • ‘Eczema often runs in families, but it can not spread from one person to another.’
    be common in, be frequently found in, be inherent in
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