Definition of run around with in US English:

run around with

phrasal verb

  • Associate habitually with (someone)

    ‘he's a good lad, but he started running around with the wrong bunch’
    • ‘If you run around with despicable people, the heavy odds are that you are despicable as well.’
    • ‘He didn't have time to worry about who his son was running around with during the day when he wasn't home.’
    • ‘Come on Tobey, find yourself an older woman to run around with.’
    • ‘Let's just say I chose to run around with the wrong crowd.’
    • ‘I think it's the new friends he's been running around with.’
    • ‘Two men that Barbara runs around with say she was also involved in the crime.’
    • ‘I became more confident in myself and stopped thinking that I had to run around with a clique to be cool.’
    • ‘Ever since Lou dropped out, he's been running with a bad crowd.’
    • ‘Although I was borderline delinquent myself, I was more responsible than the people I chose to run around with.’
    • ‘Once we settled in Brookfield, a suburb in Milwaukee, I started running around with a group of five kids - guys and girls.’