Definition of run after in US English:

run after

phrasal verb

  • 1Seek to acquire or attain; pursue persistently.

    ‘businesses that have spent years running after the boomer market’
    • ‘They have been largely ignored by the media, businesses and public institutions, which have spent years running after the baby-boom market.’
    • ‘I really hope that my band will keep on being honest and playing the good music instead of turning into rats running after the rockstar lifestyle.’
    1. 1.1 Seek the company of (someone) with the aim of developing a romantic or sexual relationship with them.
      • ‘Right from his school days, so many girls have been running after him.’
      • ‘This just isn't going to work out if you go running after other girls again.’
      • ‘I hope she will marry my son and stop him running after so many girls.’
      pursue, chase, make romantic advances to, flirt with
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