Definition of run across in US English:

run across

phrasal verb

  • Meet or find by chance.

    ‘I just thought you might have run across him before’
    • ‘In the Czech Republic, like any non-Anglo region of the globe, one frequently runs across amusing mistranslations of English.’
    • ‘She has to be one of the most annoying characters I've ever run across.’
    • ‘I've been a private eye for thirty-five years, give or take, and I've never run across anything like this.’
    • ‘She said that while overall she enjoys her job, she still runs across people who like to grumble or to ridicule her.’
    • ‘What is the etiquette when one runs across one's brother on an internet message board?’
    • ‘I've tried desperately to avoid kvetching about my roommate here, just in case she ever runs across the site, but last night sent me over the edge.’
    • ‘Chances are that at some point you've run across someone like me.’
    meet, meet by chance, come across, run into, chance on, stumble across, stumble on, happen on
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