Definition of rumpus room in English:

rumpus room


NZ, North American, Australian
  • A room, typically in the basement of a house, used for games and recreation.

    • ‘They collected circus-themed figures and costumes and artifacts, which they kept in the rumpus room of their otherwise totally normal-looking split-level ranch.’
    • ‘Gee, it might be fun to turn this into a rumpus room.’
    • ‘In the bedroom, a blue, quilted, cotton throw from Nest is cool and fresh and Freedom's spot rugs look great in the children's and rumpus room.’
    • ‘Most noticeably, Xbox players get a four-player split screen mode so friends can race against each other in the rumpus room without going online.’
    • ‘He could go left, he could go right, but his options were only the utility room, the laundry room, the downstairs bathroom, the storage room, and the adjoining rumpus room the kids called the ‘party’ room.’
    • ‘Even as teenagers, my girls spend hours sitting in the rumpus room going through the album of the photographs when they were little.’
    • ‘Then this is my rumpus room on the second floor, where I have the foosball table, Ms. Pac-Man machine and posters from rallies.’
    • ‘You find yourself inside a rumpus room, with some old video games, bumper pool, foosball, and some other things along those lines.’
    • ‘No more the chance for illicit activities in the common room (and more than one such story has been relayed to me) - because the new room is small and less like a rumpus room than an antiseptic dentist's waiting room.’
    • ‘They are fixtures in rumpus rooms and summer cottages from coast to coast.’
    • ‘The rumpus room generally addressed the back yard, and was not placed very far from the hub of the house - at that ‘food source’, the kitchen.’
    • ‘Did you hear or see anything from this rumpus room?’
    • ‘They both felt he was lucky the car hit the house - just a few feet to the left would have seen it crashing into his rumpus room or garage.’
    • ‘Other ground floor accommodation consists of a bathroom, three bedrooms, two of which will become a library/computer room and a rumpus room when upstairs is complete.’
    • ‘The former is an efficient enclosure clad in recycled hardwood, with bedrooms above a rumpus room, services and garage.’
    • ‘If that sounds all too trendy-smarmy for you, then you've never been to King Henry VIII Pub (221 Eighth Ave. S.W.), styled after a British pub, but turning out more like a cross between the old National Hotel and your rumpus room.’
    • ‘There is a rumpus room and the living area is very spacious and has air-conditioning for your comfort.’
    • ‘There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth in smoke-filled rumpus rooms all over the world when the news spread earlier this year that vocalist Cotton Casino was parting ways with AMT.’
    • ‘Over the other side of the corridor there are two doors, one leading to a sunroom and the other, a rumpus room.’
    • ‘I had previously planned on scanning this important news article and posting an image here as proof, but a fire just broke out in my rumpus room and burned the newspaper to cinders.’


rumpus room

/ˈrəmpəs ˌrum/