Definition of rumple in English:



  • Give a creased, ruffled, or disheveled appearance to.

    ‘a rumpled bed’
    • ‘He rumpled my hair, a rare show of affection, and nudged me toward the car.’
    • ‘He looked down at the clothes he'd bought only a few days earlier and saw how rumpled the shirt was.’
    • ‘He yawned, leaning back in his chair and rumpling his hair.’
    • ‘He was still in the outfit I'd picked out for him for the party, but it was rumpled from being slept in.’
    • ‘His dark hair was slightly rumpled from tossing in his sleep, and his cheeks were a rosy color.’
    • ‘His clothes were rumpled and looked like they'd been slept in more than once.’
    • ‘He just looks like a regular guy, maybe a little rumpled, sipping his coffee.’
    • ‘His hair was rumpled and some of his shirt buttons had come undone.’
    • ‘Martha swept into the room wearing black, her mid-length light hair rumpled.’
    • ‘His hair was a bit rumpled and his eyes perhaps tired, but otherwise, he appeared the same.’
    • ‘There were black circles around his eyes, and his suit was rumpled, as if he'd been sleeping in it.’
    • ‘The cotton of her skirt was slightly rumpled, and she could see a few strands of hair had strayed from her loose bun.’
    • ‘Glancing in the mirror, she saw that her hair was in tangles and her shirt was completely rumpled.’
    • ‘His big smile and slightly rumpled suits quickly became familiar hallmarks of his personal style.’
    • ‘His blonde hair was rumpled from sleep, and there was still a touch of drowsiness in his eyes.’
    • ‘The actor, clad in worn jeans and an old T-shirt, looks as comfy and rumpled as a Sunday morning.’
    • ‘The door opened a second later and Morgan shuffled out, looking rumpled but presentable.’
    • ‘She got up, not answering, brushing her blouse and smoothing out the slightly rumpled skirt.’
    • ‘She sighed as, at long last, she fell into her bed, not even noticing the fact that the sheets were rumpled.’
    • ‘He is dressed in sweatpants and a white t-shirt, his hair all rumpled from lying down on the couch.’
    crumple, crease, wrinkle, tumble, crush, crinkle, ruck, ruck up, scrunch up, disorder
    ruffle, disarrange, tousle, dishevel, run one's fingers through, riffle
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  • [in singular] An untidy state.


Early 16th century (as a noun in the sense wrinkle): from Middle Dutch rompel.