Definition of rumormonger in US English:



  • A person who spreads rumors.

    • ‘A vigorous entrepreneur and a tremendous rumour-monger, he was to become known as ‘the Father of Tasmania‘.’
    • ‘In fact, establishing anything concrete at all is proving surprisingly difficult, even for hacks of the quality of the Evening Press's own rumour-monger.’
    • ‘The rumor-mongers may be on to something, even if the president doesn't make his economic advisers walk the plank.’
    • ‘The rumour-mongers have portrayed me as a hard-bitten political adventuress devoid of all human feeling.’
    • ‘That, however, has not stopped the rumour-mongers speculating on how much they may receive as expenses.’
    • ‘Throughout the afternoon, telephones hummed between newspaper offices as the rumour-mongers built their fantasies.’
    • ‘What will these crazy rumour-mongers think of next?’
    • ‘A list of six names was compiled by the gossips and rumour-mongers of Belgravia, among them key figures from high society - aristocracy, government ministers and film stars.’
    • ‘He realized that not all the tales of the man's drinking and womanizing achievements were the product of jealous or envious rumour-mongers.’