Definition of ruling planet in US English:

ruling planet


  • A planet which is held to have a particular influence over a specific sign of the zodiac, house, aspect of life, etc.

    ‘the Sun, your ruling planet, changes sign on the 19th’
    • ‘With your ruling planet in Scorpio going retrograde next week, it may be a good time to practice some of the skills of love.’
    • ‘Venus, your perpetual ruling planet, continues its retrograde motion in your opposite sign of Scorpio, which is certainly bringing you a whole new perspective on your relationships.’
    • ‘Your personal ruling planets are Venus and Moon.’
    • ‘Their job, like their ruling planet the Sun, is to shine.’
    • ‘In your case, with your Leo Ascendant, your ruling planet is the Sun.’
    • ‘With your ruling planet, Mercury, zooming backwards in Capricorn, you may be prone to profound hunches that feel solid but are actually wrong.’
    • ‘Very communicative thanks to their ruling planet Mercury, Virgo children love to talk, and are lively in arguments and debates.’
    • ‘While you and Sagittarius host each other's ruling planets, you've been blessed with a remarkable and mutually advantageous natural alliance.’
    • ‘Your ruling planet Venus is naturally goddess of shopping, and this week she'll be giving your urge to splurge on essential luxuries an encouraging nudge.’
    • ‘After the Sun moves into Virgo on August 23, Mercury moves into Libra on August 26 and Mars, your ruling planet, moves into Virgo on August 29, you will feel as if you need to be more careful, tend to details and listen to others.’
    • ‘While your ruling planet Mercury in the sign of practical Capricorn isn't brilliant for imaginative work, it's excellent for spotting profitable business opportunities.’