Definition of rugby shirt in US English:

rugby shirt


  • A top of a kind worn by rugby players, having a buttoned collar and typically long-sleeved with broad stripes.

    • ‘They're happy to talk about Dublin though, especially a man wearing an Ireland rugby shirt, who was there for two months.’
    • ‘Numerous charitable works were listed, including the donation of all his rugby shirts.’
    • ‘Or some interchangeable braying twit in a rugby shirt, ruining a local pub just by being there.’
    • ‘We were more than happy to help by purchasing some new, bright rugby shirts for them to wear on the field.’
    • ‘I stuck my hand up hesitantly and relaxed when I noticed he was wearing faded blue jeans and a rugby shirt, what he said he would be wearing.’
    • ‘His most charitable errand involved taking a passenger to every sports shop in Swindon in search of an England rugby shirt.’
    • ‘He was wearing a long trench coat, a red and white rugby shirt, blue jeans and may have had black shoes.’
    • ‘The next night he returned, wearing the same rugby shirt.’
    • ‘He was bald and wearing a red and white rugby shirt.’
    • ‘For once he was not wearing one of his woollen sweaters, but a denim jacket over a rugby shirt.’
    • ‘The main thing that the school needs at the moment is rugby shirts.’
    • ‘He's wearing a rugby shirt and his trademark grin.’
    • ‘Sometime in my twenties, I used to love wearing a comfy casual rugby shirt with broad horizontal stripes of mellow fawn and olive green.’
    • ‘A lone Englishman, dressed in a white Rugby shirt, bravely ventured through the bar to some friendly jeers.’
    • ‘Fans were dressed in rugby shirts from clubs all over England.’
    • ‘To see so many children wearing their Knights rugby shirts and baseball caps with pride says so much about what the club have achieved off the pitch as well as on it.’
    • ‘Horizontal stripes of any size are huge this year, and are showing up on ties, rugby shirts, and other items.’
    • ‘He was so obviously on the rugby team as he was just enormous and always wore a rugby shirt in the union colours.’
    • ‘The competition prize is an England rugby shirt signed by all the players and Maeve plans to put it up on her bedroom wall.’
    • ‘He is also due to become a father for the first time in June, and ready to swap his rugby shirt for a white collar job within the sport.’