Definition of ruddy turnstone in US English:

ruddy turnstone


  • A turnstone of a New World race that breeds on the Arctic coastal tundra.

    • ‘Look for great blue herons among the reeds and shallow waters of Bermuda's marshes, or watch ruddy turnstones digging for food on the beaches.’
    • ‘Other shorebirds noted in small numbers were black-bellied plover, American golden-plover, pectoral sandpiper, purple sandpiper, red phalarope, ruddy turnstone, and red knot.’
    • ‘Children exploring the tidepools didn't notice the plovers, or the probing ruddy turnstone, or the teetering spotted sandpiper.’
    • ‘We studied the behavior and the foraging success of ruddy turnstones using an experiment in which we varied both the presence of a competitor and the food distribution.’
    • ‘We experimentally determined the relationship between forager density and foraging success in two wader species: the red knot and the ruddy turnstone.’