Definition of rudd in US English:



  • A freshwater fish of the minnow family with a silvery body and red fins. Native to Eurasia, it has isolated populations in the northeastern US.

    Scardinius erythrophthalmus, family Cyprinidae

    • ‘As the day warms up the rudd are cruising the surface in enormous shoals.’
    • ‘The two larger ponds, one at either end of the chain, hold good stocks of tench, perch, rudd, bream, and hybrids.’
    • ‘There I have caught bream, roach, rudd, tench, perch, pike, and gudgeon.’
    • ‘Small rudd can often be seen patrolling in huge shoals picking off any invertebrates in the water column.’
    • ‘They used small whole mackerel, trout, smelt, rudd, eel, perch, and lamprey.’
    • ‘More recent introductions include double figure bream, carp to 20 lb and many roach, rudd, skimmers, tench and crucians.’
    • ‘Presuming that you have found the fish then big rudd aren't particularly difficult to catch.’
    • ‘Carp and skimmers are showing in large numbers backed up by rudd and tench.’
    • ‘The club has a lake near the Manor pub in Cheney Manor Road, stocked with fish such as perch, roach, tench, rudd, carp and pike.’
    • ‘This tactic worked fairly well as I only caught another 8 or 9 rudd in the session.’
    • ‘The coarse lake at Tewitfield continues to produce plenty of small carp, tench, roach, rudd and skimmers using maggot and casters fished on the drop.’
    • ‘The fish appear to be feeding hard again after the spawning season, and the other lakes in this area should also fish well, with roach, rudd, bream and some tench available to be caught.’
    • ‘Alan Mason landed an 18 lb common carp together with a good bag of roach and rudd.’
    • ‘On Pond One catches comprised largely of rudd and skimmers but with a smattering of tench and crucians thrown in for good measure.’
    • ‘In fact, many hire companies provide the tackle for coarse fishing, so it's very easy to try your hand at catching bream, perch, roach or rudd.’
    • ‘Lodge Bay is the new coarse fishery with roach, silver and gold rudd and several species of carp ranging between 2-14 lb.’
    • ‘Plenty of skimmers and rudd are feeding on pond two.’
    • ‘Hedgerows, many dating back over two centuries, are being renovated, and a pond has been created to take advantage of the wetland and is now stocked with rudd, roach, bream, trout and carp.’
    • ‘Rogue anglers are also alleged to have released pike bait - including perch, rudd, roach and carp - into waterways where they may not previously have existed, posing a disease risk to native species.’
    • ‘The dorsal fin is also level with the pelvic fin in roach, in rudd it is behind the pelvic fin.’


Early 16th century: apparently related to archaic rud ‘red color’.