Definition of rud in US English:


(also roud, rudd)


English Regional
rare, archaic
  • Red colour, especially of the complexion or lips; redness; ruddiness. rare after 16th cent.


English Regional, Scottish, Northern
  • The spawn of a frog or toad (also toad rud).


  • 1with object To make red or ruddy; to redden. Usually in pass. Chiefly archaic and English regional (northern) in later use.

  • 2with object Chiefly English regional (northern). In sheep farming: to mark (a sheep) with ruddle.


Old English; earliest use found in The Aldhelm Glosses. Cognate with Old Icelandic roði, Norwegian rode, Swedish regional rudi, ruda, roda from an ablaut variant (zero-grade) of the Indo-European base of red. Compare later red<br>late 15th century (in an earlier sense). Origin uncertain; apparently related to (later) redd although the relationship between the forms is difficult to account for. Compare rodding<br>Old English (in an earlier sense). From rud. Compare ruddy and red.