Definition of Rubik's Cube in US English:

Rubik's Cube


  • A puzzle in the form of a plastic cube covered with multicolored squares, which the player attempts to twist and turn so that all the squares on each face are of the same color.

    • ‘But lovers of kaleidoscopes, Rubik's cubes, and jigsaw and other puzzles should have a field day.’
    • ‘In that study, two groups were asked to fiddle with a Rubik's cube.’
    • ‘The Rubik's cube was simply a puzzle whose original intentions mystified him, and he could not fathom the purpose for which it was designed.’
    • ‘A number of years ago, a fad called Rubik's cube was in vogue.’
    • ‘He is usually the one on the bench trying to figure out that Rubik's cube.’
    • ‘It's been a while since I played with a Rubik's cube.’


1980s: named after Erno Rubik (born 1944), its Hungarian inventor.


Rubik's Cube

/ˈro͞obiks ˌkyo͞ob/