Definition of rubicund in US English:



  • (especially of someone's face) having a ruddy complexion; high-colored.

    • ‘A bearded, rubicund, large man who also specialises in truffles and wild asparagus, there is something of the forest about him, something gnomishly mysterious.’
    • ‘Turn the clock back 20 years and peer into the grand kitchens of hotels and country houses and you'll see a tubby chef with rubicund face, multiple chins, and a sheen of sweat on his brow.’
    • ‘Over a glass of rubicund wine and juicy steak, he poses the main dilemma of the movie.’
    • ‘target: not reached’
    • ‘You'd think they couldn't ruin a steak, surely there's a rubicund, porky chef, with a hat, prodding and turning steaks over a hot griddle.’
    • ‘The relatives had all gathered round for one last kind word to them, and many still laughed and joked with rubicund cheeks and loose tongues.’
    red, pink, ruddy, glowing, reddish, pinkish, florid, high-coloured, healthy-looking, aglow, burning, flaming, feverish, roseate, rosy
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Late Middle English (in the general sense ‘red’): from Latin rubicundus, from rubere ‘be red’.