Definition of rubdown in US English:



  • 1A massage.

    • ‘Immediately after the sauna we got a rubdown, which, I swear, took half my skin off.’
    • ‘Newspaper accounts said the Babe gulped ice water, inhaled snuff and got vigorous rubdowns between innings.’
    • ‘While not as pleasurable as your typical spa massage, a good sports rubdown certainly has its moments and will leave you feeling like a new man.’
    • ‘At the salon, a 50-minute rubdown costs roughly $140.’
    • ‘Several teams have brought along masseuses for postlap rubdowns, as well as mechanics for soup-to-nuts overhauls.’
    • ‘Evening primrose, which has been used to help us unwind for centuries, is perfect for a relaxing rubdown.’
    • ‘The treatment ends with a rubdown using warm, lavender-scented towels.’
    • ‘Guys who played a handful of minutes were getting rubdowns.’
    • ‘The deluxe spa suite located by the hotel's Olympic-sized pool, proffers clients an unobstructed view of a star-studded sky even as they get their rubdowns!’
    • ‘There are also the golf club memberships, the corporate retreat in the South Pacific, the daily rubdown by the executive-suite masseuse, and other free perks to help make the burden tolerable.’
    • ‘I'll give him a nice relaxing rubdown and he won't be able to resist me!’
    • ‘After a generous rubdown with oil, we put on dinner clothes.’
    • ‘For an excellent rubdown at a bargain rate, try the 55-minute head-to-toe massage.’
    • ‘Edmontonians in the market for a rubdown or a scrubdown voted the salon number one for the first year.’
    • ‘Even as I surrendered to the rubdown I wondered how I would ever get all the oil off my body.’
    • ‘For a full body rubdown, you have a range of price options.’
    • ‘A quick rubdown, another warning about soap and I'm off.’
    • ‘A sports massage is not about relaxation, so don't anticipate a full-body rubdown.’
    • ‘Six days of hardcore mountain hiking means you earn that daily rubdown.’
    • ‘Whether Swedish, shiatsu or a basic sports massage, these rubdowns have earned their reputation for buoying mind, body and spirit.’
    1. 1.1 An act of drying, smoothing down, or cleaning something by rubbing.
      ‘a shower and a brisk rubdown with a towel’
      as modifier ‘rubdown decals’
      • ‘South of the border, though, the realism is as gritty as a towel rub-down with sandy suntan lotion.’
      • ‘Kat wrapped a towel around him and gave him a quick rub-down to start drying him off.’
      • ‘I chatted with Mai through the door as my jeans joined the shirt and I gave myself a cursory rub-down with a washcloth almost coarse enough to hurt.’
      • ‘I tackled it with a swipe from my duster and then a vigorous rub-down with polish and a dust cloth.’
      massage, rub-down
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