Definition of rubbing in English:



  • 1The action of rubbing something.

    ‘dab at the stain—vigorous rubbing could damage the carpet’
    • ‘In this study the treatment was applied to the blood stain without any rinsing or rubbing until the pillowcase was put in the washing machine two hours later.’
    • ‘Certainly, it is important to get rid of protein deposits on the contact lens, but you do this with gentle rubbing of the lens with the finger.’
    • ‘Frequent blowing and rubbing with tissues can dry out the skin on your nose, causing chapping.’
    • ‘Lichen simplex chronicus is a thickening of the skin caused by chronic rubbing, and typically presents as thick plaques.’
    • ‘The skin of people with EB simplex is so fragile that even minor rubbing may cause blistering.’
    • ‘Open pores are more affected by rubbing or abrasion, causing these fabrics to wear out sooner.’
    • ‘The sores are caused because of pressure, friction, and rubbing of the saddle against the skin while walking.’
    • ‘Again, a bit of rubbing with fine-grit sandpaper may be necessary to remove any remaining ink or color.’
    • ‘Avoid scrubs, because rubbing can irritate this skin condition and exacerbate the flushing.’
    • ‘Cartilage between the bones gradually wastes away, and this can lead to painful rubbing of bone on bone in the joints.’
    • ‘Naptha, often recommended, can ignite, just from a spark from friction or rubbing.’
    • ‘For aluminum siding, any surface oxidation must be completely removed by careful, light rubbing with steel wool.’
    • ‘Dry your skin by blotting or patting, but don't rub - rubbing may cause damage.’
    • ‘Your child will have less access to their skin, and damage from scratching or rubbing can be avoided.’
    • ‘Though a bodyboard is slippery, hours of rubbing can cause rashes.’
    • ‘If you need to dry off a bit first, gently pat dry - rubbing can irritate the skin and get rid of any moisture left there.’
    • ‘Eye patching, a common treatment, is thought to be helpful because it prevents rubbing of the eyelid over the cornea.’
    • ‘Using a clean soft towel and gently washing instead of vigorously rubbing will lessen any discomfort of bathing.’
    • ‘Avoid frequent rubbing and take regular breaks from reading or looking at the computer screen.’
  • 2An impression of a design on brass or stone, made by rubbing on paper laid over it with colored wax, pencil, chalk, etc.

    • ‘Duanfang's interest in paintings and calligraphies must to some extent have motivated him to collect rubbings of important monuments and historical documents carved in stone.’
    • ‘Both of these activities were possible because we were on privately owned land; in a public place, substitutions of tree or leaf rubbings, or a rock scavenger hunt would be just as delightful.’
    • ‘In the late '80s, he produced a series of large-scale drawings in ink on rice paper that consist of fragments of nude figures set against rubbings made from brick walls.’
    • ‘Upstairs in the mezzanine a greater sense of engagement is felt in the rubbings on paper from the streets of New York.’
    • ‘After the instruments were completed, one piece of wallpaper was selected, then students created rubbings using texture plates and crayons in colors found in the wallpaper.’
    • ‘His internationally recognised collections of books, bronzes, jades, paintings and rubbings epitomise an important period in the development of Chinese art history and archaeology.’
    • ‘He has exhibited all over the world with creations that range from collages and sketches to stone rubbings and oil paintings of such richness and depth that the canvas takes one year to dry.’
    • ‘Placing the paper over the rocks, I made rubbings of the inscriptions.’
    • ‘She had collected more than 500 tombstone rubbings in her 35 years on Earth, preserving almost forgotten thoughts and wishes, restoring dead emotion.’
    • ‘I've extended the project with leaf rubbings, stencils and rubbing plates for younger grades.’
    • ‘It is tempting to think that the craftsmen who produced the carvings might have been working from designs sourced from rubbings made at the Shengyin Monastery.’
    • ‘Each tree was documented in a grouping of inkjet prints, scanned from charcoal rubbings of the stumps then mounted on platforms placed on the floor.’
    • ‘The children have been recording the details and taking rubbings of the stones, and I am typing up the information.’
    • ‘Visitors can take rubbings from cast-iron machine plates, write their own memory of a journey on a luggage label, play a magnetic pack-a-suitcase game or dress up in a range of clothes.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, passages become more complex, with a subtle, scrolling pattern resembling rubbings from incised stone.’
    • ‘The restoration work was guided by rubbings taken of each layer of glass as the window was being disassembled.’
    • ‘The names on the eroded headstones were all but illegible, so in the waning light the artist made rubbings of the markers.’
    • ‘Robert Newall soon made rubbings of the portions of stones known to contain carvings.’
    • ‘He also discusses how the artist absorbed the methods of local craftsmen - such as making charcoal rubbings on paper, usually featuring decorative patterns taken from architectural fragments or reliefs.’
    • ‘She had made a rubbing of the writing and was anxiously trying to decipher it.’