Definition of rubberneck in English:



[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Turn one's head to stare at something in a foolish manner.

    ‘a passerby rubbernecking at the accident scene’
    • ‘What should have been a ten minute trip to the Upper West Side turned into a winding adventure of gridlock, rubbernecking, loud horns and cruising endlessly for a parking space.’
    • ‘But there were delays too on the eastbound carriageway as a result of drivers rubbernecking, which saw vehicles slowing down so their occupants could take a look at the accident scene rather than continuing to drive on.’
    • ‘As the boyfriend and girlfriend slowly walked off, rubbernecking over their shoulders, McCraig suddenly spoke up.’
    • ‘If someone's house down the road is set alight, you can't tell me you haven't made your way slowly down the street, rubbernecking as you ‘go to the shops to buy some milk’.’
    • ‘As I rubbernecked, I noticed something on the road.’
    • ‘Outside, the crowd gathering to watch the crisis grows ever louder, and we realize they're not simply rubbernecking - they're angry!’
    • ‘People cried out in pain as security guards brandishing flagstaffs as batons pushed back the rubbernecking crowd to allow the procession to pass.’
    • ‘After a little more rubbernecking I took Ed to Canterbury Catherdral.’
    • ‘A number of people were starting to gather, rubbernecking at the fire.’
    • ‘The perfect way to rubberneck without holding up traffic; talk about a guilty pleasure.’
    • ‘People milled around, nosily loitering and rubbernecking.’
    • ‘They disappeared into their houses, embarrassed at being caught rubbernecking.’
    • ‘Like rubbernecking at the scene of a fatal accident, I am repulsed yet, at the same time, I cannot seem to pull my eyes away.’
    • ‘The neighbors to the left of this house are out front, rubbernecking.’
    • ‘The strangest thing about this book is how compelling it is, and the compulsion of it is not simply that of the compulsion to rubberneck at the scene of a gruesome accident.’
    • ‘People on motorbikes, the most common means of transport in Hanoi, slowed down and rubbernecked.’
    • ‘It's a bit like rubbernecking around the scene of an accident.’
    • ‘The camera pans around, taking in the sights, just as you would if you were rubbernecking there in person.’
    • ‘Guards escorted us out of the shadows and into the morning sunlight of the street where curious neighbours rubbernecked from windows and doorways.’
    • ‘I didn't feel like I was watching the response; I felt like I was rubbernecking.’
    glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one's gaze, focus
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  • A person who rubbernecks.

    • ‘That's one of the many pleasures of baseball - a guy can keep score, never miss a pitch, and still rubberneck at the spectacle in the stands.’
    • ‘He never was one for being interested in that kind of thing, he hates rubbernecks with a passion.’
    • ‘And as a result, I guess I'm just kind of a rubberneck.’
    • ‘I am very well aware that I, like just about everyone else I know, rubberneck at traffic accidents.’
    meddler, interferer, mischief-maker, troublemaker, gossip, scandalmonger, muckraker, eavesdropper, intruder, ghoul, gawker
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