Definition of rubber stamp in US English:

rubber stamp


  • 1A handheld device for inking and imprinting a message or design on a surface.

    • ‘Stencil rollers have a raised pattern on a hard rubber roller, similar to a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘Use a rubber stamp to ink the image repeatedly onto white cardstock; cut images out.’
    • ‘The image created is a reverse of the relief, just like the print from a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘Notice how much finer detail you get from the laser cut in the clay on the left as opposed to the rubber stamp embossed into the clay on the right!’
    • ‘The result looks like an imprint from a branding iron or rubber stamp and initially will be stuck over the old name to reinforce its meaning, and the fact that it is only a change of image.’
    • ‘Harland reaches for a rubber stamp at the corner of his desk.’
    • ‘Some of the false claims were made with false signatures of patients, while others saw him use a rubber stamp on forms that should have been signed.’
    • ‘Using the box or linoleum cutter, carve away the non-inked areas of the eraser; this will create a rubber stamp out of the raised surfaces.’
    • ‘At Ben-Gurion, all passengers who have completed luggage check-in pass through gates leading up to passport control, where they are cleared with a rubber stamp in their passport after a brief computer check.’
    • ‘Be warned: as a mold is put under heat and pressure every time a rubber stamp is created, it may only last for 40-60 stamp vulcanizations.’
    • ‘A facsimile signature imprinted by means of a rubber stamp can be just as thoughtfully executed by a person as can a mark.’
    • ‘With a woodcut, as with the modern lino-cut, it's much harder: the artist has to use a chisel to gouge and carve away the wood on each side of the line, which stands up from the base of the woodcut like the letters on a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘There's a distinctly retro look to this space; '80s style phones alongside a big pile of papers receiving the imprint of a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘The prison chaplain walked up to me and asked for my hand, on which he placed a rubber stamp.’
  • 2A person or organization that gives automatic approval or authorization to the decisions of others, without proper consideration.

    ‘I hope we never get to the day judges dictate to juries so they become rubber stamps’
    • ‘It has meant diminishing the significance of the UN to a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘Whether it is merely a rubber stamp or a collective body, will be decided by historians in the future.’
    • ‘‘The association should not be seen as a rubber stamp for companies,’ said an institutional investor.’
    • ‘The compensation committee should evaluate its relationship with management, and ask itself whether it could be viewed by outsiders as a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘Everything still gets decided at national level, and the National Council is largely a rubber stamp that occasionally flexes a bit of muscle in referring proposed laws back to Parliament.’
    • ‘We are not a rubber stamp to this president or to anybody else.’
    • ‘We are told that the Privileges Committee is a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘He simply wants to turn the Senate into the rubber stamp as he has turned the House of Representatives into a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘That does not mean that the Senate should serve merely as a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘I aim to encourage closer links with communities and resources available and not just be a rubber stamp overseeing matters.’
    • ‘So they're basically passive and a rubber stamp, for all practical purposes.’
    • ‘Parliament has become little more than a rubber stamp for the president's wishes, while the government is run by faceless technocrats with no obvious talent, other than unquestioning loyalty.’
    • ‘It is also possible that science continues to produce technology despite the fact that results are often faked, data is invented and peer review is merely a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘‘Our committee is certainly not a rubber stamp,’ says Barker.’
    • ‘The premier should get tough and refuse to be merely the rubber stamp for the president.’
    • ‘In the past, the legislature acted as a rubber stamp for weapons procurement budgets.’
    • ‘The group was set up as a rubber stamp so that the government can say they consulted a lot of people, and I wasted my time, not to mention your money, in going.’
    • ‘That Government has already made up its mind to turn right, but needs some kind of rubber stamp to make the decision appear to be democratic.’
    • ‘But Letham appeared undeterred, telling local radio yesterday that he did not think the alliance was a rubber stamp.’
    • ‘This a laudable attempt to try to depoliticize the council which has in the past often been a rubber stamp for whatever the government of the day wished.’
    1. 2.1 An indication of automatic approval.
      • ‘Critics said the procedure amounted to little more than a rubber stamp.’
      • ‘It is a rubber stamp for continued dictatorship and terrorism.’
      • ‘Why not just give it a rubber stamp and move ahead?’
      • ‘A lot of parents look to accreditation as a rubber stamp of a school's pedigree.’
      • ‘The long-term future of this funding is not guaranteed and the existing state aid package is still awaiting a rubber stamp from Brussels.’
      • ‘The rubber stamp comes despite continued concerns over the plan's inclusion of a spur with railway lines leading into the Town Beach bay.’
      • ‘Faced with a review that would need to be more than a rubber stamp, the government seems to have mounted a diplomatic and media effort aimed at discrediting its own tribunal.’
      • ‘It was a complete rubber stamp with no acknowledgement of our case.’
      authorization, permission, approval, assent, consent, sanction
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[with object]
  • Approve automatically without proper consideration.

    ‘the college would not rubber-stamp its athletes for graduation’
    • ‘If the cabinet found itself retrospectively rubber-stamping decisions for which it did not have adequate preparation, then it should have said so.’
    • ‘But instead of rubber-stamping the decision yesterday, the authority decided to hold a special meeting, within a month, to discuss the proposal.’
    • ‘He had the power to order a public inquiry, but has instead rubber-stamped the decision.’
    • ‘The Tribunal had a 98% conviction rate and merely rubber-stamped the Law Society's decisions.’
    • ‘Councillors are being asked to rubber stamp planning permission for the facility because it is regarded as a local authority development.’
    • ‘However, Congress is making it clear it will not simply rubber stamp the litany of recommendations.’
    • ‘The directive is expected to be rubber-stamped by the European parliament next month.’
    • ‘This kind of attitude, he said, is also a consequence of the centralization of power, where decisions are taken behind closed doors and rubber-stamped by parliament.’
    • ‘Angry parents fighting to save the closure of a Rotherham school have vowed to take their fight all the way to the ballot box after councillors decided to rubber stamp a proposal to shut it.’
    • ‘This is a massive step in the right direction and hopefully when the full approval is rubber-stamped in September, so many lives will be saved.’
    • ‘It is as much of a talking shop as it has ever been, but I have always got the impression that it just rubber-stamps big decisions, rather than taking them itself.’
    • ‘Local contractors must be extremely grateful to local councils as they continue to rubber stamp these dangerous and unnecessary obstructions to the free flow of traffic.’
    • ‘The pay-outs by the former North Yorkshire Health Authority were rubber-stamped today by a judge sitting at Harrogate County Court.’
    • ‘The council is currently finalising details of the plans with the developer and is expected to rubber stamp planning permission any day.’
    • ‘Amid furious protests from the public, health bosses rubber-stamped the decision and work is about to start on the first stages of implementing the scheme.’
    • ‘All three boards rubber-stamped the decision to downgrade the two hospitals, turning them and other sites into local care hospitals without accident and emergency departments and other acute services.’
    • ‘All they needed was for their followers to rubber-stamp that decision in the High Council.’
    • ‘The executive members are expected to follow the Panel's recommendation and rubber stamp the decision.’
    • ‘So, I think that he's going to begin to see a reluctance to just rubber stamp every administration policy and just basically accept the principle that dissent is unpatriotic.’
    • ‘As the Guardian went to press the committee was set to rubber stamp Mr Cole's recommendation for the crossing.’
    approve, give one's seal of approval to, give one's stamp of approval to, agree to, consent to, assent to, acquiesce in, concur in, accede to, give one's blessing to, bless, say yes to, accept
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rubber stamp

/ˈrəbər stamp//ˈrəbər stæmp/