Definition of rubber boot in US English:

rubber boot


  • A knee-length waterproof rubber or plastic boot.

    ‘let's put on our rubber boots and jump in the puddles!’
    • ‘Dressed in yellow jackets, trousers and rubber boots, visitors can find excitement in spading gold-bearing sand and gravel into a metal pail.’
    • ‘Here's a wonderful way to make good use of Grandpa's rubber boots that have been stored in the garage for several years.’
    • ‘Everywhere groups of men and women in rubber boots were busy clearing and tidying their flooded cellars.’
    • ‘The dirt floor is wet and you slosh in your rubber boots through puddles.’
    • ‘When packing, don't forget a no-nonsense flashlight and a pair of knee-high rubber boots.’
    • ‘They sell fertilizer, birdseed, baling twine and even rubber boots.’
    • ‘People without rubber boots avoid swampy areas by staying on rocky hillsides.’
    • ‘In winter we wore leggings under our dresses and we covered our feet in rubber boots.’
    • ‘Put your best foot forward and buy a pair of quality rubber boots for the upcoming season.’
    • ‘We all ended up with boots full of water except for Ralph who had on his high rubber boots.’
    • ‘When all our rubber boots were lined up in the barn, I had trouble figuring out which ones were mine.’
    • ‘He kicks off the rubber boots as I hand him his sketch pad and pencil.’