Definition of rubber boa in US English:

rubber boa


  • A short snake with a stout shiny brown body that looks and feels like rubber, found in western North America.

    Charina bottae, family Boidae

    • ‘If you do find a rubber boa, please do not disturb it.’
    • ‘Montana’s rubber boa is the northernmost relative of the giant boa constrictor and anaconda of South America.’
    • ‘Rubber boas are secretive, slow-moving, docile snakes, usually found under logs and rocks in either moist or dry forest habitats.’
    • ‘Like their relatives, rubber boas kill by constriction, with prey usually mice or shrews.’
    • ‘When threatened, Rubber Boas will sometimes hide their head and elevate the tip of their tail to fool a predator into attacking the tail which looks somewhat like a head.’