Definition of rub something out in US English:

rub something out

phrasal verb

  • Erase pencil marks with an eraser.

    • ‘The word had been rubbed out.’
    • ‘But as I stood there, scribbling away on the white board, rubbing words out and rewriting, we hashed out a statement.’
    • ‘They need to get it right first time as well as they can't just rub it out and start again.’
    • ‘It was built unsymmetrically because Stalin wrote on the plans; they were redesigned around his scrawl because nobody had the courage to rub it out.’
    • ‘You make your mark and that is it, you can't rub it out.’
    • ‘They quite often have to rub their work out at the end of the day and use the paper again.’
    erase, delete, scrub out, wipe off, remove, efface, obliterate, expunge
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