Definition of royal sail in US English:

royal sail


  • A sail above a sailing ship's topgallant sail.

    • ‘I didn't have to go 90 feet in the air to teach a new trainee how to stow a royal sail.’
    • ‘Phineas Pett's gigantic Sovereign of the Seas of 1637 not only carried the most complete rigging so far, sporting even the new royal sail, but it also sported 100 cannon on three decks.’
    • ‘After a full 24 hours actually under sail and a time today with even the royal sail on the main mast unfurled we spent the morning gently making our way to the British Virgin Islands.’
    • ‘Beyond the topgallant mast is the main royal mast; the yard is the main royal yard and the sail is the main royal sail.’
    • ‘The journalist, ten stories off the deck of the ship, is standing on the yardarm of the uppermost sail, the royal sail.’