Definition of royal antelope in US English:

royal antelope


  • A shy West African antelope with an arched back, short neck, and a red and brown coat with white underparts. It is the smallest known antelope.

    Neotragus pygmaeus, family Bovidae

    • ‘It's a wonderful introduction to places and creatures rarely heard about, from the kagu (an endangered bird from the island of New Caledonia) to the rare royal antelope of the Guinean forests of West Africa.’
    • ‘The delicate pygmy antelopes include the royal antelope, beira, klipspringer, oribi, grysbok, steinbok, dik-dik, and suni.’
    • ‘The former is slightly below the size range of the smallest extant bovid, the royal antelope; the latter is slightly above the size range of the largest extant bovid, the Asian water buffalo.’
    • ‘Despite its size, the royal antelope is reputedly able to jump about 2.8 m (9 feet) at a bound.’
    • ‘The other stamps in the set depict the manatee and the royal antelope.’