Definition of roxarsone in US English:



  • An arsenic-containing antibiotic drug that is widely used as a food additive in the poultry industry to promote growth and control intestinal parasites. It is considered a source of arsenic contamination in water near some large poultry producers.

    • ‘Claims that an boy developed leukemia because of environmental exposure to the medicated feed additive, roxarsone, may be going back to court as a result of a ruling by the Arkansas Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The addition of roxarsone to chicken feed has stirred up debate ever since it was revealed that this organoarsenic compound can be transformed into more toxic inorganic arsenic.’
    • ‘The use of roxarsone in broiler feeds has no adverse effect on immunity to coccidiosis after Coccivac- B vaccination.’
    • ‘Roxarsone, an organoarsenic compound, is added to poultry feed to improve weight gain and feed efficiency.’
    • ‘Organic arsenic is an approved ingredient in roxarsone, a feed additive used in poultry and swine.’