Definition of rowing in US English:



  • The sport or pastime of propelling a boat by means of oars.

    Racing takes place in narrow, light boats (shells), between single rowers (scullers) with two oars, or between crews of two, four, or eight people with one oar each; crews are often steered by a coxswain

    • ‘The club, established in 1972, feels that with this new boat, rowing is on a firm footing locally for many years to come.’
    • ‘Spurred on by a personal challenge to conquer the lake, coupled with a lifelong love of rowing and also a desire to raise funds for charity, Ian set off on his journey over the last two weeks in July of this year.’
    • ‘Bedford's most famous sports are athletics and rowing.’
    • ‘Swimming, biking and rowing are good cross-training alternatives.’
    • ‘The club has a five-year development plan to achieve a high level of community involvement, in order to become self-sustaining as a regional centre for the sport of rowing.’
    • ‘His sporting interests include rowing and basketball and he intends to seek a career in charity work.’
    • ‘We had Wednesday afternoons off to play sport, which was rowing in the summer and rugby in the winter.’
    • ‘The activities most enjoyed by the scouts were the water sports, such as snorkeling and rowing.’
    • ‘Soon the planned rowing lake at Willington will be a reality and rowing can continue to flourish in the area.’
    • ‘Popular water sports include swimming, rowing, and sailing, and many Swedes also enjoy cycling.’
    • ‘But it was when she and her husband Neil took up indoor rowing that she found she had an exceptional talent and about two years ago she began to get serious about competing at it.’
    • ‘He always had a boat and loved rowing down to Bartra Island and camping out before the advent of the petrol engine.’
    • ‘Stress fractures of the ribs occur in sports such as rowing.’
    • ‘Pupils tell me, with great enthusiasm, of rowing, chess, horse-riding, judo, fly-fishing, clay-pigeon shooting, badminton and a host of other activities.’
    • ‘Hurd is only in his second year of rowing and continues to make remarkable gains.’
    • ‘People are invited to go along and learn how to care for boats and try rowing.’
    • ‘The very characteristics that make a good rowboat make a poor one for outboard motors, which explains a lot about why rowing is not the popular recreation it once was.’
    • ‘The unique event consists of competitors starting from St. Mullins and rowing 12 miles to New Ross; traditionally considered one of the hardest events in Irish rowing.’
    • ‘Youth rowing has always been a feature of Carlow Regatta.’
    • ‘Most athletes do not pick up the sport of rowing until university.’