Definition of routinize in US English:


(British routinise)


[with object]usually be routinized
  • Make (something) into a matter of routine; subject to a routine.

    ‘communication was routinized to ensure consistency of information’
    • ‘Gone are the days when work was standardized and routinized and performed by workers with narrow, specialist skills.’
    • ‘More typically, jobs in services are highly routinized, and are less secure and less well paid than even traditional industrial employment.’
    • ‘Although normally spontaneous, there are periodic attempts to routinize it institutionally.’
    • ‘Online advertising is riddled with complications and uncertainties which may take years to routinize.’
    • ‘It did not routinize access to power, but formed fields of autonomous units whose parameters and whose relations to each other were defined by a few political priorities.’
    • ‘In the 1820s, Charles G. Finney helped routinize revivals.’
    • ‘Work will become routinized, and self-discovery will become a primary focus of activity.’
    • ‘It is satisfying in a way that routinized, fill-the-hours work is not.’
    • ‘Can a search for the unknown be truly routinized?’
    • ‘It is becoming a routinised and highly regulated form of work where the creative space to work with clients has been squeezed.’
    • ‘In the long run, office machines may have routinized clerical work, but in their early years, the skills demanded by the typewriter and adding machines were new and challenging.’
    • ‘Charisma is difficult to sustain and so tends to become routinized.’
    • ‘Troops often fired high or routinised their firing.’
    • ‘‘It's very routinized, high-surveillance work,’ says Scarbrough of the Economic and Social Research Council.’
    • ‘As production becomes rationalized and routinized over time, the skills and hence high wages of the city labor force become unnecessary.’
    • ‘The expert also worried that the operation of the market economy was still not routinized in the city.’
    • ‘In the end, the shuttle was supposed to ‘revolutionize transportation into near space, by routinizing it,’ in President Nixon's awkward phrase.’
    • ‘This article is therefore focused on one of the most routinised ceremonies ever performed during the Ancien Régime: the royal Mass.’
    • ‘Some of these women were given work assignments that were routinised, mundane and without power or responsibility.’
    • ‘We see indications of this tendency in the perennial impulse to bureaucratize and routinize business practices.’