Definition of roundup in English:



  • 1A systematic gathering together of people or things.

    ‘mass police roundups and detentions’
    ‘the rites of the cattle drive, the roundup, and the branding’
    • ‘In 1799, during the tense round-up following the Rebellion, George became a notable public figure.’
    • ‘Mass round-ups of republican sympathisers and a hand-in-glove ideological tatonnement with the Catholic hierarchy led to a decade of unprecedented stability.’
    • ‘The big round-ups of dodgers and the dodgy by police and the military in that earlier war were repeated on an even greater scale.’
    • ‘He was not specifically targeted, but was arrested as part of a general round-up after terrorist incidents.’
    • ‘The massive round-ups of 1810-11 supplied the army that invaded Russia in 1812.’
    • ‘Handling animals at my farm has become an event that has driven my dear friends away in droves, because they innocently answer my pleas to help with the round-up exactly one time.’
    • ‘It was only from the spring of 1943 that the German police took charge of these round-ups.’
    • ‘Our annual round-up helps us manage for a wild population that is increasingly becoming older.’
    • ‘On both occasions he was arrested in a round-up.’
    • ‘Buffalo herds within the park were further thinned and attempts were made to inoculate as many animals as possible in massive round-ups at the Sweetgrass and Hay Camp abattoirs.’
    • ‘A royal edict of 1749 had ordered a round-up of all the homeless in Paris, children included, even those who were taking shelter in churches.’
    • ‘Both sons helped their father with the yearly round-ups and worked on the ranch together with four hired cowboys.’
    gathering together, collecting up, collection, assembly, assembling, rally, rallying, muster, mustering, marshalling
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    1. 1.1A summary of facts or events.
      ‘a news roundup every fifteen minutes’
      • ‘The film opens in America on September 26, after which we will deliver a round-up of the critical opinion.’
      • ‘The series will also feature regular round-ups of key events in the British Asian calendar from the world of music, film, fashion, theatre and comedy.’
      • ‘Here is a round-up of some of the key events in this long, long struggle.’
      • ‘It is tedious and time consuming, but it is very important to keep your company and your products visible in directories, company/product lists and round-ups.’
      • ‘Here's our round-up of some of the channel weeklies' best stories.’
      • ‘In part one we provided a round-up of copy protection schemes for digital audio and video.’
      • ‘After a long break, here's a round-up of news from Hardware Land.’
      • ‘Here's a brief round-up of pointers we've received recently, and I'm sure we'll be returning to most of these sites for a closer look during the coming months…’
      • ‘They also give you the chance to reinforce your corporate and product messages by commenting on product round-ups, industry trend pieces or general industry articles.’
      • ‘The following day I'll post the round-up of all entries.’
      • ‘We will also be bringing you a round-up of the US reaction to the film when it opens in July, as well as the usual verdict from our good selves in August.’
      • ‘The newspaper concludes this round-up by stating that ‘the movie delivers what it should - cheap thrills - and serves them up with skill and economy’.’
      • ‘They emerged on top in our last round-up of filtering software, and this seventh version puts them even further ahead of the pack.’
      • ‘It is due for a US release in September and we will deliver a round-up of the US reaction towards it then.’
      • ‘The service includes live simulcast coverage from BBC TV's five streams, as well as comprehensive daily round-ups,’ Peter reveals.’
      • ‘The Orlando restaurant critic did a year-end round-up of Central Florida restaurants, handing out a variety of awards.’
      • ‘The CBA publishes a magazine called British Archaeology which provides an excellent round-up of news articles, reviews, and campaigns.’
      • ‘So my round-up of 2004 might be cruelly curtailed.’
      • ‘Below is a round-up of some of the festival's highlights, but bear in mind there are many more shows, interviews and talks on around the city.’
      • ‘Here's a little round-up of things people are speculating on, and some things people have actually done.’