Definition of round something off in US English:

round something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Make the edges or corners of something smooth.

    ‘round off the spars with a soft plastic fitting’
    • ‘I tested the tip of one, but evidently they were purely aesthetic, the tips and edges were rounded off so that they couldn't possibly harm anyone.’
    • ‘The triggerguards were rounded off, and both the forward edge of the guards and the grip areas were stippled to give a surface that's tacky to the hand but allows fabric to slide over smoothly.’
    • ‘One nice thing about this case is that all of the edges are rounded off, you'd be hard pressed to find a place where you could cut yourself without really trying.’
    • ‘The square edges will be rounded off to prevent further damage to the wall.’
    • ‘The sharp edges, corners and points have been rounded off and smoothed away.’
    • ‘Serrations on the rear of the sight blade reduce glare, and the blade edges have been rounded off.’
    smooth off, plane off, sand off, level off
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    1. 1.1 Complete something in a satisfying or suitable way.
      ‘I rounded off my visit to Ganu by purchasing a number of exquisite masks’
      • ‘Often the tour is rounded off at the souvenir/tuck shop, getting those essential presents to bring home.’
      • ‘The first group of children to complete the course before Christmas rounded it off with a small party and seven new children started on January 12.’
      • ‘The evening was rounded off by some lovely string music.’
      • ‘Afterwards members enjoyed a round of golf and the evening was rounded off with refreshments in the clubhouse afterwards.’
      • ‘With a combination of acrylic, watercolour and photographic work, his diverse collection is rounded off by a self-made video, adding an eerie auditory aspect to the exhibit.’
      • ‘I have a glass of excellent ‘house’ Chardonnay - fruity and smooth - to accompany the meal, and round it off with the peach schnapps trifle, which proves to have a real kick.’
      • ‘The fun gets under way at 3pm and will run on till 9pm when the day will be rounded off with a disco.’
      • ‘I rounded the meal off with a cup of really excellent, fragrant coffee - refilled without me having to ask.’
      • ‘After a highly enjoyable day sightseeing, we decided to round things off with a pub meal before going home.’
      • ‘Both these puddings turned out to be a superb way of rounding the meal off.’
      complete, finish off, crown, cap, top off, conclude, close, bring to a close, bring to a end, end
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