Definition of round goby in US English:

round goby


  • A Eurasian freshwater goby that threatens native species of fish in the Great Lakes and Mississippi basin.

    Neogobius melanostomus, family Gobiidae

    • ‘Few Great Lakes bird or fish species eat zebras directly, but another Eurasian invader, the round goby, gobbles them up.’
    • ‘Warming of the Great Lakes is likely to cause a seasonal decline in algae, an important food source for fish, and could make the lakes more hospitable to invasive exotic species such as round gobies.’
    • ‘One theory is that zebra mussels and another invasive species, round gobies, may spread contaminants up the food chain.’
    • ‘In Lake Erie, USA, smallmouth bass vigorously defended their nests from benthic round gobies.’
    • ‘As it often eats bivalves that filter the water, the round goby is a vector for bioaccumulation of many contaminants.’