Definition of roughy in English:



NZ, Australian
  • 1A marine fish with a deep laterally compressed body and large rough-edged scales which become spiny on the belly.

    See also orange roughy
    • ‘The smaller silver roughy, H. mediterraneus, has a similarly wide distribution but is of much less importance.’
    • ‘Orange roughy were found in concentrations in some locations, but underwater pinnacles and other obstructions made trawling very difficult.’
    • ‘Florida Bay serves as a spawning ground for pretty much every fish in the central Atlantic - grouper, snapper, mahi-mahi, pompano, roughy.’
    • ‘Orange roughy reach 150 years old and they don't reproduce until they're in the mid 20s to mid 30s.’
    • ‘Orange roughie live 130 years and these things are completing their life cycle in a year.’
  • 2

    another term for ruff (sense 1)