Definition of rough stuff in US English:

rough stuff


  • Boisterous or violent behavior.

    • ‘Usually, we give the recruits a week and a half before we start the rough stuff, but given the situation, we're resorting to shock tactics.’
    • ‘When there's too much rough stuff going on, captains will get lectures from the referee in front of the penalty box and coaches are as adamant as ever when things don't go the team's way.’
    • ‘Yet in a movie that dishes out its share of rough stuff, it's not the violence that gets to people - the pivotal scene in which a grown man cries has caused the biggest fuss.’
    • ‘‘I guess she doesn't get into much rough stuff,’ I offer.’
    • ‘She keeps the rough stuff to a minimum, though the emotional abuse is continually evident, in a tale of two lovers caught up in their own personal tragedy.’


rough stuff

/ˈrəf ˌstəf//ˈrəf ˌstəf/