Definition of rosy in US English:


adjectiverosiest, rosier

  • 1(especially of a person's skin) colored like a pink or red rose, typically as an indication of health, youth, or embarrassment.

    ‘the memory had the power to make her cheeks turn rosy’
    • ‘Her skin was rosy from the sun's prolonged touch, and her short, feathery hair was limp.’
    • ‘Her usually creamy cheeks had a rosy hue, and her eyes were dancing merrily.’
    • ‘Her rosy complexion gave away health and vigor.’
    • ‘Her skin was smooth and creamy, with a soft rosy tint.’
    • ‘She blushed a faint pink, a rosy glow that seemed to suit her.’
    • ‘A rosy flush swept the pallor of fear from her face.’
    • ‘She was dressed in a shimmering off-white dress that complimented her rosy complexion.’
    • ‘He fixed his gaze on her face, causing a rosy hue on her cheeks.’
    • ‘As if on cue, my face bloomed into a deep rosy pink.’
    • ‘Her blond curls were knotted in an elegant bun at the base of her neck and her cheeks flushed a rosy pink.’
    • ‘She blushed deeper, her cheeks becoming a rosy hue of pink.’
    • ‘Quinn was wearing a grey ski jacket and red hat, cheeks rosy from the cold.’
    • ‘Her eyes were a soft brown, cheeks rosy, lips perfectly outlined and colored in.’
    • ‘Her normally white skin was rosy from the cold.’
    • ‘Her hair was the bright golden colour of sunflowers and she had a rosy complexion.’
    • ‘Rachael looked radiant that night with her rosy cheeks and her lip gloss making her sweet lips even more tempting to Zack.’
    • ‘Her rosy pink skin was perfect against the pink blanket that the nurses had put her in.’
    • ‘The sun turned his skin a lovely rosy pink color.’
    • ‘I shrugged and then dashed the last length, my cheeks flushed in a rosy pink.’
    • ‘Now, standing here, I could see myself in her again; my hair was neat, and polished, and my skin was glowing and rosy.’
    pink, pinkish, rose-pink, rose-coloured, roseate, red, reddish, rose-red
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  • 2Promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful.

    ‘the strategy has produced results beyond the most rosy forecasts’
    • ‘The message is pretty clear: when you promise a rosy future, don't be surprised if your users save their pennies while they wait for it to arrive.’
    • ‘He should temper any merriment: things are not so rosy in his own garden.’
    • ‘Soaring revenue encouraged the directors to take a rosy view of the future.’
    • ‘However, it's looking like things aren't as rosy as some of those reports suggest.’
    • ‘At some point, and it will probably be sooner than the current rosy forecasts suggest, the on-line ad market will take a dip.’
    • ‘They like to talk about their rosy forecasts of future sales.’
    • ‘It is at this point, where rosy promises of performance are linked to stark dollar amounts, that hackles rise.’
    • ‘But not all dotcoms are created equal - or evaluated with the same rosy optimism.’
    • ‘That, the researcher says, spells a rosy future for companies seeking their fortunes in mobile-based e-commerce.’
    • ‘Management keeps making rosy promises it can't keep and issuing financial forecasts it can't meet, they say.’
    • ‘In fact, there's a pretty rosy future being planned for this area.’
    • ‘The more comprehensive view gives a less rosy picture of women's position in the work world.’
    • ‘The cheery optimism that produced those rosy budget surplus forecasts of yesteryear is long gone.’
    • ‘Yet a look behind all the good news suggests that things are not so rosy.’
    • ‘Biotech is realizing that its rosy financial outlook has its limits and constraints.’
    • ‘For instance, compared to depressed people, emotionally healthy people have an unrealistically rosy outlook.’
    • ‘Although housing appears affordable for current homeowners, the picture looks far less rosy for first-time buyers.’
    • ‘But while the PC market may hit double-digit growth next year, other forecasts are not quite as rosy.’
    • ‘Everywhere else the picture is not so rosy.’
    • ‘Then as now, the Administration's projections promised a rosy scenario.’
    promising, full of promise, optimistic, auspicious, hopeful, full of hope, encouraging, favourable, bright, sunny, golden, cheerful, happy
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    1. 2.1 Easy and pleasant.
      ‘life could never be rosy for them’
      • ‘Joseph confides in his friend that things aren't rosy with Maria and that she has deep seated issues’
      • ‘One day everything is rosy and happy and going well; the next day, the very same thing has become dreadful and tiresome.’
      • ‘The film was good fun and all seemed rosy in the Bond camp.’
      • ‘On the surface, everything seems rosy in the quiet suburban village of New Aylesbury.’
      • ‘She wanted happy, rosy, children in bright little dresses.’