Definition of roster in US English:



  • 1A list or plan showing turns of duty or leave for individuals or groups in an organization.

    ‘next week's duty roster’
    • ‘You'll have to have a chores roster, but it'll work really well.’
    • ‘On your datapads is a copy of the Flight roster and your individual designations.’
    • ‘Lydia expertly fielded their questions about staffing and even started a very specific duty roster.’
    • ‘To his left, in the passenger seat, his trustworthy adjutant read the mission roster.’
    • ‘The Sergeant said this while handing over the duty roster.’
    • ‘The assigning judge would not be criminally responsible for having failed for ex hypothesi bad reasons to carry out the duty of constructing a roster, including all colleagues.’
    • ‘As quickly as his enfeebled muscles would allow, he made his way to what seemed to be the front of the room, and checked the giant roster for his schedule.’
    • ‘Hornblower stayed busy writing in the log, checking the chart, reviewing the new duty roster prepared to keep the ship in a state of alert.’
    • ‘Hornblower sat at the small table and pulled out his log, the duty roster, and noted on all the different items that would need seeing to in the coming days.’
    • ‘Its events already laid out on the duty roster in his head, he returned to his cabin and was soon fast asleep.’
    • ‘To save money, the U.S. has pared its roster of active-duty troops by 32%, to 1.5 million, since 1991.’
    • ‘Work out a roster of who is on duty on what day and time.’
    • ‘It quoted a spokesman as saying that the company's initial investigation showed that there was a mix-up in the duty roster.’
    • ‘Let's brake for lunch and I'll give you your duty roster for the rest of the week when you get back.’
    • ‘Mr. Kennedy is back in his cabin, but still off the duty roster.’
    • ‘So here's what's going to happen, either you explain your actions today, or you'll both be stricken off of the active duty roster.’
    • ‘Just changing staff rosters caused the airline to suffer some embarrassing and well-publicised delays over the summer.’
    • ‘‘The strike will go ahead from Friday if the company continues to implement these rosters without discussion,’ he warned.’
    • ‘After looking at his duty roster, Blackstone headed down to the docking bay to check out the fighter he'd been assigned.’
    • ‘The value won't initially be gained from in-air sales: crew will be able to collect email, notices, duty rosters and so on automatically when they walk into the crew room.’
    list, listing, register, schedule, agenda, calendar, roll, directory, table
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    1. 1.1 A list of members of a team or organization, in particular of athletes available for team selection.
      • ‘If he makes the major league roster, his playing time will be limited.’
      • ‘The 21-year-old is expected to be on the opening-day roster.’
      • ‘For example, there still isn't a disabled list in the game, and when players gets hurt, you don't even have to take them off the active roster.’
      • ‘The major league roster is aging, but the team has multiple options for the future.’
      • ‘There are player rosters, so you know who had a hand in the results and how to contact them, if you want.’
      • ‘Could it be that Washington has again assembled an all-star roster but an underachieving team?’
      • ‘The end of August when playoff rosters have to be finalized is fast approaching.’
      • ‘You'll also find committee member rosters that you can use to find peers who are subject-area experts on whom you may call for advice.’
      • ‘Pitchers who have no hope of even making the postseason roster are performing relief duties.’
      • ‘The Lakers have built the most impressive roster in the league.’
      • ‘Once there, he found success as an art dealer and retailer and continually grew his roster of artists.’
      • ‘He terminated the 50/50 joint venture and, under the terms of the split, Combs retains complete control of the artist roster and entire catalogue.’
      • ‘Though none of the artists on the roster at his own J records has shown signs of unrest, Davis knows better than most record executives the perils of the prima donna.’
      • ‘The largest banner of all hung from the entrance side of the bridge, ensuring that everyone passing through the main hallway could read the roster of the varsity football team.’
      • ‘You therefore need a roster of available players that is two or three times the average number of players you desire.’
      • ‘As with any proper work on baseball, the book includes a statistical section and player rosters.’
      • ‘A larger roster of players, particularly an increase in the amount of legends, would've increased the number of dream matchups significantly.’
      • ‘AIPAD's photography show is limited to 80 dealers selected from their membership rosters.’
      • ‘They have repeatedly managed to attract an impressive roster of artists and curators to its event.’
      • ‘However, some agents, in addition to their regular client list, have a supplemental roster of newer artists.’


[with object]usually be rostered
  • Assign according to a duty roster.

    ‘the locomotive is rostered for service on Sunday’
    • ‘This is the standard routine on each rostered flying day - on most other days the crew is on high readiness standby.’
    • ‘It will be a date during one week when I am rostered as the duty Judge.’
    • ‘Pilots were opposing company proposals to roster them to work up to the limit of the hours they are licensed to fly under Irish Aviation Authority regulations.’
    • ‘We had absolutely no say in when we were rostered on, or who we were rostered on with.’
    • ‘Public patients receive antenatal care and birth care at public hospitals, and care is provided by rostered midwives, residents, registrars, and staff obstetricians.’
    • ‘You have to roster yourselves so that school study areas are open and supervised for 12 hours a day.’
    • ‘The strike threat by pilots at the airline over rostered hours was suspended last week.’
    • ‘A rostered day off is a well earned day off as most would know.’
    • ‘Not enough Gardai are rostered on Fridays and Saturdays.’
    • ‘We eventually got sick of that and decided we needed to have rostered cooking nights.’
    • ‘Concerns about staffing levels centre on night shifts where, for three nights a week, there is only one emergency nurse rostered for duty.’
    • ‘‘All seems to be stable to me with this one,’ the young doctor rostered that night said to his companion.’
    • ‘Kay and Brastias, I need you to roster our knights, horses and supplies.’
    • ‘During the height of confrontation, members were rostered for duty to ensure the guns could be manned around the clock.’
    • ‘In New South Wales, Australia, prison bosses had modified rostered activities, duties and shifts which were historically prone to higher levels of sick leave.’
    • ‘The aviation industry has taken note of research on short periods of sleep, and pilots and cabin crew are now rostered to sleep during night flights.’
    • ‘The signals section was a 24 hours per day operation and we were required to work an 8 hour rostered shift.’
    • ‘Nursing costs reflect the number and grade of staff rostered for each clinic.’
    • ‘First Responders, she explained, worked rostered shifts but said more were needed to provide 24-hour cover seven days a week.’
    • ‘He looks down the list and sees he is rostered for only a single question, on Pathfinder initiatives, whatever they might be.’


Early 18th century (originally denoting a list of duties and leave for military personnel): from Dutch rooster ‘list’, earlier ‘gridiron’, from roosten ‘to roast’, with reference to its parallel lines.