Definition of rosella in US English:



  • An Australian parakeet with vivid green, red, yellow, or blue plumage.

    Genus Platycercus, family Psittacidae: several species

    • ‘Your aim is to allow the rosellas to simmer away gently, so that the flesh separates from the green seedpods without splitting the pods open and releasing the tiny white seeds inside.’
    • ‘He was four and had a halo of blonde hair that felt like the soft down on a rosella's underside.’
    • ‘We've got a rock wallaby and koalas and a rosella and they are, to my mind, just about as fine as natural history art gets.’
    • ‘A crimson rosella was quite happy to take our scraps of bread in one foot and eat it out of that foot, while standing on the other.’
    • ‘Field naturalists and bird watchers are also making notes on unusual flight patterns of flocks of cockatoos, rosellas and other migratory birds who are circulating in chaotic, never seen before formations.’
    • ‘The next thing that came back to her in fragments of memories was Chili, her rosella.’
    • ‘The next morning, before going to the airport, we drove to Wungong Gorge near Armadale and saw long-billed black cockatoos, western thornbills and western rosellas.’
    • ‘And I've never been swooped by a rosella in Wiltshire.’
    • ‘I noticed a little crimson rosella hopping around on a crossing, looking quite distressed.’
    • ‘Crimson rosellas flutter among the gum trees, while sulphur-crested cockatoos waddle across the lawn, screeching loudly.’
    • ‘All green, blue on the leading edges of the wings, a red topknot and red cheek patches; flies beautifully with a swooping flight, more or less like a rosella and it screeches as it flies and this is its territorial call.’
    • ‘Sitting beneath fans of ferns, perfect natural sunshades, we were joined within minutes by two laughing kookaburras, a rosella and a yellow-breasted robin.’
    • ‘In that time I have seen: startled wallabies bouncing into the distance kingfishers, tui, rosella, warblers wekas.’
    • ‘The sodden rosella just sat there and shrilled.’
    • ‘The perch outside one of the boxes has slipped and Don was trying to manoeuvre it back into position when a rosella popped her head out from the box to see what was happening.’
    • ‘The happy event occurred in the Taylor's aviary in Wakefield, after the mother - a kakariki called Cheeky - and father Tom, a golden mantel rosella, were reared together from chicks.’
    • ‘Perfect sunny day - in the shade of towering trees with magpies doing elegant swooping fly-bys, lorikeets twittering in packs and huge, vivid rosellas chattering from aloft.’
    • ‘Two crimson rosellas, Platycerus elegans, were observed ripping flowers from inflorescences.’
    • ‘She liked the parks, she liked the trams, she liked our walks, barefoot on the beach; she liked our long breakfasts in my wild garden, during which she never had enough of watching the rosellas quarrelling over breadcrumbs.’
    • ‘These have escalated in numbers in the last 20 years and have probably contributed greatly to the decline of the native redcap and rosella parrots once common in Perth.’


Mid 19th century: alteration of Rosehill, New South Wales, where the bird was first found.