Definition of rose of Sharon in US English:

rose of Sharon


  • 1A shrub of the mallow family, with rose, lavender, or white flowers.

    Hibiscus syriacus, family Malvaceae

    • ‘Hibiscus syriacus, aka althea and rose of Sharon, should be pruned in early spring just before the leaf buds begin to swell.’
    • ‘Many books suggest using rose of Sharon in a shrub border rather than as a specimen plant in the yard, but I've noticed that those grown alone develop a much better shape than those crammed in a shrub border.’
  • 2A St. John's wort with dense foliage and large golden-yellow flowers, native to southeastern Europe and Asia Minor and widely cultivated for ground cover.

    Hypericum calycinum, family Guttiferae

    Also called Aaron's beard
    • ‘Spring Bloomers - Azaleas, rhododendrons and rose of Sharon bushes make a great ‘background’ for hummingbird gardens.’
    • ‘I first noticed the hardy shrub called rose of Sharon while traveling one midsummer across the southern plains.’
    • ‘I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.’
    • ‘Summer- and fall-blooming shrubs include such plants as abelia, beautyberry, butterfly bush, rose of Sharon, crepe myrtle and summersweet.’
    • ‘She extracts subjects from the text - pomegranates, the rose of Sharon, the ‘lily among thorns ‘- and paints each with a deliberateness that bridges the familiar and the sacred, the tangible and the mysterious.’’
  • 3(in biblical use) a flowering plant of unknown identity.

    • ‘You are the rose of Sharon, the fairest of the fair.’


rose of Sharon

/ˌrōz əv ˈSHerən/