Definition of rose geranium in US English:

rose geranium


  • A pink-flowered pelargonium with fragrant leaves.

    Pelargonium graveolens, family Geraniaceae

    • ‘It's a rich, aromatherapy oil that's a blend of soothing essential oils such as myrrh, lavender and rose geranium, with extracts of wheatgerm and borage.’
    • ‘If you need to substitute for rose otto (steam distilled rose essential oil), rose geranium is not perfect, but it can give a suitable result.’
    • ‘Try lemonade with lemon balm, tomato juice with oregano or basil, mineral water with rose geranium, white wine with borage blossoms floating on top, or refreshing iced herbal tea with tangy mint.’
    • ‘Combine herbs, carrot tops, fennel and rose geranium in a bowl and season with vinegar, grapeseed oil, salt and pepper.’
    • ‘Dry skin benefits from the oils of lavender, rose geranium and calendula, while extremely dry skin can be helped with the oils of avocado, jojoba, wheat germ and sweet almond.’
    • ‘The smell of rose geranium and patchouli was his scent.’
    • ‘It contains borage oil for moisture retention, shea butter to moisturise, comfrey and rose geranium essential oil to soothe and nourish the skin.’
    • ‘Fill in with several types of scented garden geraniums - I like the look of deeply laciniated rose geranium leaves mixed with the fuller shapes of peppermint and lemon geraniums.’