Definition of ropa vieja in US English:

ropa vieja


  • A Cuban dish of shredded beef stewed in a tomato-based sauce.

    ‘the ropa vieja was tender and delicious, as were the side dishes’
    • ‘We ordered the ropa vieja on our first visit.’
    • ‘I've been here 3 times and I've tried the oxtail stew, ropa vieja, fried pork chops, and roasted chicken.’
    • ‘The first time, my friend had the chicken and I had the Ropa Vieja.’
    • ‘Azucar teams quantity with quality in its ropa vieja, possibly the finest version of this shredded beef stew I have eaten in New Jersey.’
    • ‘I am a monster when it comes to Ropa Vieja, and I was craving it, so when it arrived I dug in.’
    • ‘The ropa Vieja was delicious and the plantains were very tasty.’
    • ‘My family loved the fish with garlic sauce and Ropa vieja.’
    • ‘Ropa Vieja has long been one of my favorite Latin dishes.’
    • ‘We had an appetizer of ropa vieja on plantain, which was marvelous.’
    • ‘A few months ago, I came here and had the ropa vieja platter and loved it.’


Spanish, literally ‘old clothes’.


ropa vieja

/ˌroʊpə viˈeɪhə//ˌrōpə vēˈāhə/