Definition of rootworm in US English:



  • An insect larva that feeds on the roots of plants.

    • ‘We are seeing root feeding from root worms, some of which are nearing maturity, while some are still hatching.’
    • ‘As the root dries out rootworm will fall out and drop into the water where they can be more easily seen.’
    • ‘Reducing losses resulting from rootworm on continuous corn is the predominant objective of most soil insecticide applications.’
    • ‘The western corn rootworms themselves began rotating fields, to make sure future generations were always born in a cornfield, not a soybean field.’
    • ‘Fields remaining below the threshold level throughout the beetle egg-laying period are not expected to have economic populations of rootworms next year.’
    • ‘Planting an alternate crop in the spring literally can starve to death the new rootworms.’
    • ‘The presence of adult beetles or rootworms in a field is not necessarily an indication of insecticide failure.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago, managing corn rootworms was simple: just rotate crops from corn to soybeans.’
    • ‘Where first year corn rootworm is not a problem, annual rotation of corn with an alternative crop will eliminate rootworm problems.’
    • ‘In continuous corn if beetle counts exceed 0.75 beetle per plant, damaging populations of corn rootworms are possible in that field next year.’
    • ‘Late maturing fields are particularly susceptible to corn rootworms moving into them from nearby earlier maturing fields.’
    • ‘The corn rootworm enjoys the dubious distinction of triggering more insecticide use than any other single pest in U.S. agriculture.’
    • ‘French and colleagues are researching the seed mix in cooperation with Monsanto and conducting other research on rootworms.’
    • ‘Corn rootworms are the target of almost half the insecticides used in row crops in this country, requiring more insecticide than any other pest.’
    • ‘Transgenic corn provides excellent control of corn rootworms in most instances.’
    • ‘Almost every acre of corn in Texas is treated with soil insecticides at planting to limit root damage caused by rootworm.’
    • ‘The refuge helps prevent the development of resistance to European corn borer and corn rootworm.’
    • ‘Without check strips, you won't know whether the absence of injury is due to insecticide efficacy or the absence of rootworms.’
    • ‘Crop rotation is still the best approach to reduce densities of western corn rootworms in Nebraska.’
    • ‘However, not all continuous corn fields have economic infestations of corn rootworms.’