Definition of roots music in US English:

roots music


  • Music springing from and identified with a particular culture, typically that of the West Indies.

    • ‘What with the slow rediscovery of American roots music, this could be a huge (and for the most part, deserved) sleeper hit.’
    • ‘Still adhering to hypnotic vocal melodies and traditional string arrangements, it has modernized Nordic roots music and projected it into an impressionistic future soundscape.’
    • ‘With full, or nearly full houses, at all of these shows we may be seeing a critical mass of jazz and blues lovers coming together in Edmonton in much the same way it seems to have happened for folk and roots music fans.’
    • ‘Fans of Afro-Latin roots music will love this album.’
    • ‘Used for weddings, parties, dances, just about any celebration, klezmer is Jewish roots music, an essential part of the culture.’
    • ‘Instead, I argue that the film insinuates that the very claim to and concern with authenticity in folk or roots music provide a figure for understanding the elusive foundations of these mythologies.’
    • ‘A fresh voice: great songs with a wide range of subject matter (from personal ads to car racing to secretive lovers), and all played by a motley collection of seasoned roots music veterans.’
    • ‘His wistful brand of traditional American roots music is deeply embedded in mysticism and keenly embodies the stature of the early 20th century's lonely, nomadic soul.’
    • ‘In the best of roots music tradition, she merges the secular with the religious, alluding to the Bible even as she appeals to a distant lover.’
    • ‘When it comes to roots music, the first thing people think of in relation to Chicago is the blues, but there has always been a country presence as well.’
    • ‘The folk and blues revivals of the 1950s and 1960s are identified as creating a new national awareness of roots music as these music genres become identified with the civil rights and anti-war movements.’
    • ‘From the first listen, the album's connection to the simple traditions of roots music and to the heart is unmistakable.’
    • ‘Their gig last month at the Sugarbowl drew an appreciative packed house of roots music aficionados.’
    • ‘Such ill-conceived attempts at evoking American roots music virtually always sound forced, if not downright stupid, and currently seem to plague so many Americana and alt-country releases.’