Definition of rooter in US English:



North American
  • A supporter or fan of a sports team or player.

    ‘ringside rooters rose to salute him’
    ‘Minnesota Twins rooters’
    • ‘The ball park has become an advertising venue and celebrity scene instead of a home away from home for rooters.’
    • ‘When Tiger seemed too good for his age, and the other parents took him for a ringer, Tida was his one rooter on the course.’
    • ‘The biggest change, though, is atop the 37-foot high wall, where there are 280 new seats - plus standing room - filled with Red Sox rooters whose relentless razzing is within earshot of the left fielder.’
    • ‘It won't be long, I'm sure, before Tiger rooters will start painting the links red.’
    • ‘For the Rangers' rooters, it's not as if this seven-year slump were another long-suffering Stanley Cup famine.’
    • ‘Another fan, this one a Patriots rooter, clearly had had more than his share of beer and was making a spectacle of himself in the stands.’
    • ‘The ballpark was pulsating and one fan heading back to his seat with beers set them down, hugged a security guard and slapped hands with other rooters.’
    • ‘Justice Stewart Potter was also a baseball fan, a Cincinnatii Reds rooter.’
    • ‘Cubs rooters, in fact, may well be the only fans in professional sports that learn from an early age to wear a protective cup to games.’
    • ‘Imagine, Chiefs rooters applauding loudly for the Giants before their contest, acknowledging their opponents' link to New York City.’
    follower, supporter, upholder, defender, advocate, disciple, votary, partisan, member, friend, stalwart
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