Definition of root hair in US English:

root hair


  • Each of a large number of elongated microscopic outgrowths from the outer layer of cells in a root, absorbing moisture and nutrients from the soil.

    • ‘Phosphorus deficiency produced the largest increase in root hair density, and the biggest decrease in root hair inequality.’
    • ‘In plants, osmosis occurs for example at root hairs, allowing the uptake of water from the soil.’
    • ‘In the nutrient-rich area around the root hairs, microscopic bacteria and fungi feed and multiply.’
    • ‘The larvae feed on root hairs, restricting nutrient and moisture uptake by the plant.’
    • ‘You can also start a new plant by digging up a piece of the old plant with a bit of root and root hairs attached.’


root hair

/ˈro͞ot ˌher/