Definition of root for in US English:

root for

phrasal verb

  • Support or hope for the success of (a person or group entering a contest or undertaking a challenge)

    ‘the whole of this club is rooting for him’
    • ‘By the end you'll be rooting for our British hope and begging for the romantic payoff.’
    • ‘If he roots for anything, he says, it is for hard-luck cases, big comebacks - in other words, ‘a good story.’’
    • ‘So rooting for a team becomes a display of patriotism.’
    • ‘I rooted for the main characters and hoped the bad ones would meet a bad end.’
    • ‘They root for the hero, exult at his successes, are anxious for his triumph, and suffer at his reversals.’
    • ‘But you know, I think your point is that I think maybe some of the jurors are sort of rooting for him secretly.’
    • ‘And you've got to know so many people are rooting for you and your family.’
    • ‘And yet… could they really trust the happy reaction of a hometown crowd so inclined to root for their success?’
    • ‘The room exploded with shouts and cheers as people rooted for their favorite.’
    • ‘As the crowd applauds, you can't help rooting for him, too.’
    cheer, applaud, cheer on, support, encourage, urge on, shout for
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