Definition of root crop in US English:

root crop


  • A crop that is a root vegetable or other root, e.g. sugar beet.

    • ‘The crops cultivated on the grounds varied with locality, but root crops generally predominated, with corn and plantains as subsidiaries.’
    • ‘You will have noticed that some vegetables such as root crops (carrot, turnip) and cabbage family plants (broccoli, cabbage) don't appear to have any seeds.’
    • ‘Finally, a light layer of mulch such as straw, hay, or even autumn leaves act as a layer of insulation, best suited for root crops like carrots, turnips, parsnips, and beets.’
    • ‘Flores said that although all varieties of cassava contain cyanide, most people do not die from eating the root crop because the level is so negligible that the body can tolerate it.’
    • ‘Another root crop, carrots, already is on the list.’
    • ‘The climate is suitable for root crop production.’
    • ‘Because of its ease of cultivation, manioc has become the most widely consumed root crop.’
    • ‘Beets and carrots are two root crops that do well in winter, and each year I make several sowings of each.’
    • ‘If it is a root crop like radishes, turnips, carrots or rutabaga; you will see the damage when you harvest.’
    • ‘Taro, a root crop, traditionally was Samoa's largest export, generating more than half of all export revenue in 1993.’
    • ‘Now is the perfect time to plant winter root crops, because the soil is moist and still warm enough for rapid germination.’
    • ‘Grass silage and root crops such as turnips, kale and potatoes are often fed during the dry period.’
    • ‘Two circles are planted with leaf crops, the remaining with a root crop.’
    • ‘If the soil on the farm or homestead was heavy clay, or rocky, one or more beds might be filled with sieved soil, enhanced with sand, so that root crops like carrots could grow to their full potential.’
    • ‘Cassava, a root crop that is a staple of Ghanaian diet, has historically been subject to considerable losses.’
    • ‘Typical agricultural produce are root crops such as taro, tapioca, sweet potatoes, and yams.’
    • ‘Get corn and root crops in now for fall harvest, and continue planting salad greens in partial shade.’
    • ‘It is also thought that crops of peas and beans were cultivated, however, it is not clear if root crops like onion and carrot (a pale parsnip variety of carrot) were cultivated, or if they grew wild and were collected.’
    • ‘Over time, a mash of potato and other root crops evolved into a clear, high alcoholic liquor eventually called vodka in Poland (today, Polish vodka still relies heavily on potato as a base crop).’
    • ‘There are several interesting and highly nutritious root crops that can be used for animal feed, such as turnips, fodder beets and rutabagas.’


root crop

/ˈro͞ot ˌkräp/