Definition of room and board in US English:

room and board


  • Lodging and food, typically forming part of someone's wages or included in some other agreement.

    • ‘And compensation, even when including room and board, often does not cover basic needs such as clothing and health care.’
    • ‘I know of a place that needs someone to clean and make repairs in return for room and board.’
    • ‘You scholarship includes course payments, as well as room and board for all 4 years, as well as text materials.’
    • ‘For-profit prison companies are paid a per-diem rate for room and board, as are the states when they import and house prisoners for the federal government or other states.’
    • ‘Total costs include tuition, room and board, and estimated costs of books, travel and miscellaneous expenses.’
    • ‘The priests gave him the supplies he needed (paint, brushes, cloth) and people in the community provided him with room and board while he worked.’
    • ‘Third, and probably more important, the number of prisoners as well as the costs of incarceration are increasing rapidly, and most schemes would allow the prison to make deductions from the prisoner's pay to cover costs of room and board.’
    • ‘If they had scholarship support as students, the aid continues during their apprenticeship; this funding can include tuition for private schooling as well as room and board.’
    • ‘For $65 a week, we receive room and board, including three meals every day except Sunday.’
    • ‘By providing room and board in exchange for work, imprisonment is an effective and acceptable alternative to the death sentence because the criminal contributes to the good of society.’
    • ‘Women, the primary pool for secondary teachers, generally lived on these subsistence wages, supplemented by room and board with a local family.’
    • ‘Next year, tuition (not including room and board or the activity fee) will increase 6.3 percent.’
    • ‘A young actor named Miles appears at the kitchen door of a rural Ontario farmhouse and asks the two bachelor farmers if he can work for them in exchange for room and board.’
    • ‘He and his ex-wife paid tuition, room and board, and some miscellaneous expenses out of their incomes, but the boys also worked at part-time jobs and took out student loans.’
    • ‘I explain that I'm not looking for much in wage, more like room and board in exchange for part-time.’
    • ‘She offered to gift Kathy money to get her to move out, but Kathy espoused scruples against taking Anna's money, although she has no problem sponging off of Anna for her room and board.’
    • ‘Some lacked jobs, and thus lacked affordable, adequate shelter; even those with jobs could not always pay for both room and board.’
    • ‘The company signed, then retaliated by raising the rate for room and board just enough to wipe out our wage increase.’
    • ‘Digging out a jury summons notice he threw into the trash, Tommy decides that his best course of action is to become a juror, a job that pays five dollars a day and gives him room and board in a local hotel.’
    • ‘Costs for trips, which typically last one to three weeks, include room and board (which is often camping) but not airfare.’