Definition of rooftop in English:



  • The outer surface of a building's roof.

    • ‘From the café on the rooftop you can look out across the massed roofs of the three component cities of medieval Fes.’
    • ‘There are not as many people on their rooftops or waving to helicopters for help.’
    • ‘He kissed the top of my head before we both fell asleep to the sound of thunder rolling away and the rain beating the rooftops.’
    • ‘On the rooftop she had a good view of the city, but disliked it immensely.’
    • ‘So high that it preserves the view across the rooftops from the apartments opposite?’
    • ‘Finally, look as closely as you can, to a rooftop on one of the middle-sized buildings downtown.’
    • ‘Pigeons cooed from the rooftops of buildings, and rats scurried along the floor.’
    • ‘She points at a sloping rooftop, different from the flat and wide roofs of the local Arab dwellings.’
    • ‘All the buildings nearby create a maze of alleyways and rooftops.’
    • ‘I heard about a young man who watched the towers start to go down from his Manhattan rooftop.’
    • ‘Here the sunset wraps the masts, rooftops and steeples of the harbour and city in a sleepy peach-coloured haze.’
    • ‘It then grabbed a hold of the little railing around the rooftop of the building.’
    • ‘While driving past an industrial park, I observed many buildings with empty rooftops.’
    • ‘It also has two parks next to the school, a rooftop play area and a multi-purpose indoor play area for the children.’
    • ‘Hundreds of people are still waiting to be rescued from the rooftops of homes and buildings.’
    • ‘Only those who had a tall rooftop to take refuge on were really safe from the wall of water that washed in from the sea.’
    • ‘Even some U.S. prisons have now started urban gardens, which can be on rooftops as well as on the ground.’
    • ‘Fire had sprouted on several of the rooftops and street carts, its tongues licking the feet of those who ran by it.’
    • ‘The red and gray sky above the rooftops is darkening and the inhabitants are hastening home for dinner.’


  • shout something from the rooftops

    • Talk about something openly and jubilantly, especially something that is personal or has previously been kept secret.

      • ‘Then again, Dean wasn't exactly shouting it from the rooftops, either.’
      • ‘He may not shout it from the rooftops, but he is incredibly passionate about his rugby.’
      • ‘We want readers to shout their support from the rooftops.’
      • ‘She's hoping that now she is shouting it from the rooftops other people will start to take notice as well.’
      • ‘We're not going to shout it from the rooftops, but if the key players stay fit we feel we're capable of surprising a few people.’
      • ‘They need instead to shout their message from the rooftops.’
      • ‘Unionist politicians should be shouting their disgust from the rooftops too.’
      • ‘So if you are proud of your city then there is a chance to shout it from the rooftops!’
      • ‘Instead of shouting my faith from the rooftops, I lived quietly with the Gods.’
      • ‘Now please do us all a favour and shout it from the rooftops.’